Hospital Equipment (Classified Expired)
Posted On : 06 Apr 2018
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Hospital Equipment
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Gandhi Surgical Manufacturing Hospital Furniture.

1.Total Hospital Furniture(ICU Beds, Semi Floor & Floor Beds)


Hospital Bed, ICU Bed, SS Hospital Bed, Fowler Position Bed, Hospital Fowler Bed, Plain Hospital Bed, Semi Fowler Beds, Medical Water Bed, Adjustable Bed, Obstetric Bed, Pediatric Bed, Semi Fowler Position Bed, Five Functional Electric Bed, Orthopedic Beds, Electric Semi Fowler Beds, Semi Electric Hospital Bed, Hospital air Bed, Electric Hospital Bed, Electric Motor Bed, Delivery Bed & Attendant Bed


Operation(O.T) Table, Quadriceps Table, Electro Hydraulic Operating Table, Motorized Tilt Table, C Arm Operation Table, Orthopedic Table, Ophthalmic Operation Table, Examination Table, Over bed Table, Motorized Table, Cardiac Table, Mayo Table Bedside Table, Swaddling Table & Delivery Tables


Commode Chair, Dialysis Chairs, Doctor Chair, Urological Chair, Evacuation Chair, Stair Chair, Hospital Chair, Blood Drawing Chair, Surgeon Chair, ENT Chairs, Transfusion Chair & Gynecological Chair


Instrument Trolley, Stretcher Trolley, ECG Machine Trolley, Hospital Baby Trolley, Dressing Trolley, Transfer Trolley System, Medical Equipment Trolley, Surgical Instrument Trolley, Oxygen Cylinder Trolley, Medicine Trolley, Hand Wash Trolley, Emergency Trolley, Soiled Linen Trolley & Patient Stretcher Trolley


Single & Double bed Stretcher, Ambulance Stretcher, Scoop Stretcher & Basket Stretcher

Hospital Items:

Surgeon Tool, Revolving Tool, Hospital Foot Step, Scrub Sink Station, Medical Cabinets, Patient Transfer System, Single Bowl Stand, Stainless Steel Carts, Mayo Trolley Cover, Examination Couch, Crash Cart, Bedside Locker, Double Foot Step, Refraction Units, Side Rails, Delivery Couch, Bed ABS Panel, Chair Stretcher, Medicine Cabinet, Bench, Bed Head Panel, Bed Mattress, Folding Screen, Medical Carts, Freezer Box, Medication Cart, Automatic Scrub Station, Medicine Rack, Surgical Cart, Foot Stools, Bowl Stands, I V Stand, Bedside Screens, Mortuary Cabinet, Saline Stand, Doctor Stools, Bed Scale & Chair Scale.

2.Gym, Fitness Equipment - Exercise Bike, Treadmills, Aerobic and Cardio Exercise Machines & Accessories.

3. Physiotheraphy equipment - I.F.T Ultrasound Machines, cpm Quadratic Table, Finger Exercise Table & Simulators Exercise Equipment.

4.Warmers & Phototheraphy equipment-
*Pediatric Equipment.
*Baby Radiant Warmers.
*Baby Phototheraphy Equipment.
*Bipap Cipap Equipment

5.Diabetic Footwear MCP/MCR for Men & Women.

6.ECG gel, gel for Ultra Sound Physiotherapy equipment 20l.

*All the Surgical Instruments & Orthopedic items and also Hospital Service of Pipe line arrangement.
*All Hospital Equipment and also furniture service available at Gandhi Surgical Permises.

For more details contact: 9346944389, 9959693535.
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Dr. Ravindranath
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Opp.Sravani ENT Hospital, Near Balaji Cheruvvu Center, Salipeta, Kakinada - 01
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Hospital Equipment
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