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Posted on 05-Jun-2010

There is no need for audience to stand in a big Que for hours to get movie tickets from now. For the first time in Kakinada, online movie ticket booking has been introduced to movie lovers. Availability of online booking has been started by Devi Multiplex theater. 40% of tickets will be available in online from now and there is also facility for advanced booking of online tickets. Vedam movie was released this Friday and audience who reached theater were disappointed as tickets were not available. Knowing that tickets were already booked online through one of the website, audience were very upset and returned back to home. Along with multiplex, Padma Priya and Sri Priya are also planning to provide online tickets very soon. To book tickets online in three screens of devi multiplex you can login to , multiplex representative Mr.Srinivas revealed to news line.

Weather report on 05/06/10 Posted on 05-Jun-2010
The weather report for Kakinada today – June 5, 2010 is partly cloudy and light rain occurs. Average degree of 27°C,  visibility is at 4 km, relatively humidity in the air is 91%. Wind will be generally light.Morning:Speed of wind: 10 km/h, Some Clouds, Maximum Temperature: 38°C, M...

Weather report on 06/06/10 Posted on 06-Jun-2010
The weather report for Kakinada today - June 6, 2010 is likely have moderate rain and scattered clouds with an average degree of 31°C but feels like 38°C, visibility is at 10 km, relatively humidity in the air at 70%, Wind will be generally light. Morning:Speed of wind: 15 km/h, Some Clouds M...

World Environment Day Observed Posted on 06-Jun-2010
World Environment Day was celebrated in various parts of the town on Saturday. Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB), various service organizations and industrial units celebrated the day by taking up awareness programs on environmental protection. Zilla Parishad Chairman Ch. Srinivasa Venug...

Music Training Camp Concluded Posted on 06-Jun-2010
Closing program of summer training classes in Bala Bhavan Sindhu Kala Vedika was organized this Saturday. Deputy Educational Officer Mr. D.Nageswarao participated as chief guest in this program. While participating in this program, Mr.Nageswarao said that summer holidays being utilized for training i...

YSR Bridge in use From Monday Posted on 06-Jun-2010
YSR ROB bridge which was constructed above railway gate  of RTC complex keeping in view to reduce congestion of traffic in Kakinada will come into use from this Monday. Traveling to and fro on this bridge is allowed from 7th. On last month 14th, Central Minister Kumari Shelja inaugurated the bri...

Weather report on 07/06/10 Posted on 07-Jun-2010
The weather report for Kakinada today - June 7, 2010 is likely have Light rain scattered clouds with an average degree of 35°C but feels like 41°C, visibility is at 10 km, relatively humidity in the air at 42%, Wind will be generally light and calm.Morning:Speed of wind: 10 km/h, Cloudy ,Maxi...

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