The Famous Sri VaraSiddi Vinayaka Temple in India


According to Vaastu Shastra, the most suitable places to build temples are, either on the bank of a river, or near the seashore, or at the confluence of rivers, or on top of a mountain. It is true because this where, in the midst of the lush - green fields, coconut gardens, natural surroundings of the River Godavari area is AINAVILLI, where the "SIDDI VINAYAKA TEMPLE", a prominent pilgrimage centre, is situated. It is believed that he fulfills the wishes of his devotees quickly. Devotees take a vow to visit the temple again if their wishes are fulfilled.


According to the "KSHETRA PURANA" of this place which was supposedly written here, Daksha Prajapathi was supposed to have performed puja of Lord Vinayaka at this place praying and asking for the successful completion of performing Daksha Yagna

According to another legend, it is said that Vyasa Maharshi installed a Ganapathi idol here before starting his tour of South India, thus establishing the temple with magnificent gopurams and gateways. Built in a large, extended, and upraised area, this temple has two gopurams (towers) sculpted skillfully with tales and idols related to the deity present in the temple. One can access this temple from two sides i.e. from the south and from the east. One can approach from the south where it leads one to the shrine of the presiding deity Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy and from the east one can approach Sri Vishveshwara Swamy. The presiding deity, Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy has been installed in a unique way i.e. in the Southwest corner facing the South direction. It is believed that if one installs Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy facing in the south direction, it brings wealth and prosperity.

Apart from the shrine of the presiding deity Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy, there are also other shrines which have been installed and are situated in this temple premises. There is a

shrine of Annapurna Devi along with Sri Vishveshwara Swamy which faces east. To the right side of this shrine is the shrine of Sri Keshava Swamy along with his consort Sri Bhoo Devi. To the left side of Annapurna Devi along with Sri Vishveshwara Swamy shrine, there is a shrine of Sri Annapurna Devi which faces south. In the northeast corner of the temple, there is a shrine of Sri Kala Bhairava Swamy which faces east, and is the Kshetra Palaka.


One can perform the following pujas to the deity at mornings and evenings too which are:


TIME 5 A.M 6 A.M 8 A.M 10 A.M 11.30 A.M 12 P.M
PUJA Aradhana Abhishekam Abhishekam Abhishekam Alankarana Nivedana


TIME 4:30 P.M 7:30 P.M
PUJA Arathi Darshanam
There are other pujas also being performed in the temple which are:
INR 40/- 10/- 5/- 20/- 20/-
PUJA Ekadashi Laghu Puja Ashtottaram Aksharabhyasam Pusthakam Puja

Apart from the above pujas, special pujas are also performed on Chavithi, Dashami, Ekadashi days of every month.


Every year the festivals celebrated in this temple are Vinayaka Chavithi which is celebrated for totally 9 days, Kanuma, Lakshmi Soubhagya puja, Lakshmi Ganapathi homam, Karthika Masam pujas and Prabha festival on Sankranthi.


Ainavilli is located at a distance of 72 Km from Kakinada (Via Yanam, Amalapuram and Mukteswaram), 55 Km from Rajahmundry (Via Ravulapalem, Kotapeta and Vanapalli) and 14 Kms from Amalapuram (Mukteswaram).


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