Dindi Resorts

The Little Village on Godavari Banks


Get up, go to work, go home, go to bed, repeat – are you tired of the rat race? Have you had enough of the monotony of daily life and just want to get away? It doesn’t matter if you want to get away for a week, a month...whatever!!!You just want a break!!!! To picturesque locations, to the countryside, to a resort from where one can overlook the life-skiff-fishermen launch their cockleshell boats, large flocks of domesticated ducks waddle down to the water from thatched houses on the banks, aimless cattle graze in fertile pastures, lotuses float here and there in small shallow lakes, canals or waterways vary in dimension from being wide enough to be dubbed lakes, lush green rice fields thin out into the distance, where there are amazing historic monuments and temple, fascinating cultural heritage and exceptional scenic beauty, beautiful beaches, serene backwaters, wildlife sanctuaries, unending acres of coconut groves but which are small enough to offer you a secluded holiday, sun streaked riversides, the backbeat of waves striking shore, a musky earthen fragrance, and coconut palms dancing to the breeze off the river.....

Mmmmmm.....sounds tempting and quite irresistible!!!!Doesn’t it!!!

Then, Dindi is just the place for you, to break away from concrete jungle abuzz with neo-urban activity. It is more like returning to ‘real’ life after an exhausting journey that takes you to a sedate getaway, a bigger delight than some of the brasher options that offers the unusual peace and quiet and beckons its visitors for a relaxing stroll along the riverbank. In fact, it is a must visit on the itinerary of every true blue vacationer. Blending countryside charm and modern comforts, Dindi offers its visitors a range of staying options.

Dindi Resorts is one of the many options in staying and maybe be just the solution for you. It is a traditional lavish haven at the illustrious backwaters of Dindi, one of the most beautiful little resorts in Dindi which is located right next door to the Haritha Resorts has three cottages and is built in the middle of a beautiful pink lily pond, only a few feet from the River Godavari and is surrounded by lush greenery and quietness. It is a perfect choice for honeymooners which offers alone time. It offers 3 cottages: 1 Individual Cottage (A.C) to accommodate 2 Adults + 2 Children and 2 Double Rooms (A.C).

One can also opt for Haritha Coconut Country Resorts. Built and promoted by APTDC (Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation), it is nothing short of an oasis. It has groomed this delightful destination into one that offers the small pleasures of real country life making the trip more meaningful, authentic and a rare experience. It offers well-furnished 28 air-conditioned rooms and four suites which face the riverside and which provide a breath-taking view of the cocooned place. It also offers its visitors

conference facilities, a swimming pool for recreation, a gym for fitness buffs, and children’s play area.

That’s not all; one also has the choice of other staying options with many local resorts and guest houses which are available there.

Hmmmnnn....If you think you have seen and read it all, here’s news for you. There’s more to it, than just a comfortable stay. Dindi has been blessed with virgin backwaters with outstanding charm and beauty which true beauty is hard to cast in words. The magnificence of these backwaters sites entices vacationers to visit this place all the year round. The best way to explore the endless stretch of scenic waterways of this place is to go on a cruise. And that is what Dindi offers!! Excellent boat cruises on its backwaters!! A true never before experience!! One can view the virgin backwaters that are full of palm-fringed canals, rivulets and lakes offering perfect conditions for houseboat cruising. As one sails along on a houseboat one encounters waterways, canals, lakes, lagoons, rivers, inlets that team up together and forms a breathtaking backwater. Sailing along on a houseboat, one passes through quaint little villages amidst coconut groves whose environs are endowed with pristine natural beauty. One can watch the clear dark velvet skies with starry twinkling stars and the Moon that seems to wink and smile at you.


The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) offers a two-day and one night package tour that will take you long the winding tributaries of Godavari viz. Vynateyam and Vasista and covers Dindi, Anthervedi and many pilgrim centres like Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy Temple etc. It offers air conditioned houseboats for cruises which are fully furnished with attached bathes, and a sit out-cum-dining area on the deck. The boat will drop anchor at Dindi Resorts (both starting and ending point). From Dindi resorts the cruise will sail upstream from Rajolu Town and to downstream upto Narsapur town. For those who wanted to have a night stay at boat, the boat will be anchored near the resorts.

Mmmmm.....The very sight of the sun tumbling off the distant horizon, the inky blue sky studded with stars winking audaciously at you, the gentle lap of the water singing you a lullaby, and the faint sounds of Nature settling in for the night. need you ask for more?


Dindi, a village of Malikipuram Mandal in East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh State is 73.68 kms from Kakinada city, 373 kms from Hyderabad and 80 kms from Rajahmundry. The route to Dindi is via Bhimavaram - Palacole - Chinchinada Bridge - Dindi Village. For those who travel from Hyderabad, the best way to travel is drive in one’s personal transport from where they can reach Dindi via Vijayawada, Tadepalligudem, Tanuku and Pallakollu- Razole. The nearest railway station to Dindi is at Narsapur or Palakollu.


APTDC: Call 66746370 / 66745986 / 9848540371.

KONASEEMA TOURISM: Call+91-40-6999 8111/ +91-8008 727 111/ +91-8008 727 222.

DINDI RESORTS: Call (08862)226662/+91-9951355005.

Come on!!!Pack your bags and head to Dindi!!! To relax and refresh!!! Take a trip on the placid and cool blue waters of the Godavari and enjoy every minute (or seconds) of it!!!

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