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google"Google" a well-known web word to teens, experts and novices too. Google says "Sometimes the easiest way to understand somebody is by having a conversation. The web is similar. As much as we are happy with the progress we are making with Google, we also appreciate that a great way to understand web pages is to simply ask webmasters to teach us (and other search engines) about their content. The Google that you used today is actually better than the Google that you used yesterday. On a daily basis, we make a number of algorithmic enhancements and release other search features that ultimately make finding what you're looking for quick, easy and enjoyable.

Yes, they are the top search engine makers in the web world today because they strive for perfection and innovation all the time.

The goal of a search engine is to return the best results for your search. Google was successful in reaching the goal in a well-organized manner and they say "Search is a natural starting point for discovering the world's information, and we strive to bring you the freshest, most comprehensive and relevant search results over an ever expanding universe of content on the multitude of devices you use to access it."

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In this context, let's now talk a little about "InKakinada". InKakinada is built aiming to provide all the information access about Kakinada.

inkakinada The main goal is to have a more comfortable and an effortless system for the people to search and get the required information about classifieds, houses/lands/accessories for sale and rent, Jobs and Movies in Kakinada. In short, while Google is built to provide worldly information, InKakinada is especially built to provide Kakinada information. This would lessen the user's time and effort in searching for the suitable results amongst the numerous related results produced by Google. Isn't it great news for the users who wish to know anything about Kakinada in a short span?

Now, let's compare in real-time pictures how these revolutionary information access systems, Google and InKakinada, meet relevance in providing the information about Kakinada to users.

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In the first picture, let's see where InKakinada stands in the very robust Google. For this, we need to search query using the word "Kakinada" and here's the yield. kakinada-google-search

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Here we now go inside Kakinada. We can start with "Discounts in Kakinada". discounts in kakinada

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yellowpagesFrom the categories page you can simply go for the category listings. Here you can find everything you need from banks, travel agents, automobile dealers, plumbers, hospitals, medical stores, schools, colleges, restaurants, petrol bunks, shipping agencies, industries and much more.

moviesMovie Review and Ratings feature is a movie guide, a complete online guide suggesting the movie being played in theatres in and around Kakinada You can share your thoughts about the movies you love or hate by writing a review.

This provides information about the items that are available for rent with their prices, features and the owner contact details. Any individual or company can post their ads freely with the same specified details.


As a valued user with, you have access to our advanced job seeker features and services. We provide job seekers with free and instant access to number of jobs from well reputed companies situated in and around Kakinada via one simple search. Recuiters post your Job classified Ad for Free

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business servicesThe web is similar. As much as we're happy with the progress we're making with Google, we also appreciate that a great way to understand web pages is to simply ask webmasters to teach us (and other search engines) about their content. The Google that you used today is actually better than the Google that you used yesterday. On a daily basis, we make a number of algorithmic enhancements and release other search features that ultimately make finding what you're looking for quick, easy and enjoyable.

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We will query for "24 chemist in Kakinada". The results obtained will surely matches the word '24hr chemist' and 'Kakinada' but do you think it will give you a list of pharmacies where really 24hr service is available. 24-chemist

The answer is NO. But, InKakinada does this for you!!

inkakinada You can also check out directly in Categories page for Help lines in Kakinada or 24hr Chemist in Kakinada and get easily the lists of all business, which are involved with this specific function.
Remarkable, isn't it?
Conclusions not so fast InKakinada actually have more for you!!

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Query next for "Colleges in Kakinada" – You might be eager to know what colleges are present in Kakinada along with the information about the courses available, offerings, their contact numbers, their reliability and so on. See what Google show up... colleges

Feeling Good? That's the way of InKakinada.

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Theaters in Kakinada:

Search for theaters in Kakinada at and get straightforwardly the list of all Kakinada theaters with the movies running, their show timings, casting details and many such at just a click. Hey! You can actually search with a single word Theaters instead of adding Kakinada all the time to the query.

Shopping places in Kakinada:

Whatever the shopping information you require about shopping places in Kakinada, you can get it instantly. Including garments shopping in Kakinada – gadwall saris, cotton saris, dress materials of all kind – magadheera, masakali, jodha akhbar, cotton, fashion wear and party wear. Kakinada Jewellery of all kind including gold, silver, diamond, fashion jewelers, classic jewelers, all jewellery malls and jewellery shops; Fancy wear Kakinada style – all ladies utensils and fashion wear accessories information,.Traveling goods and watches- new trends, most reliable and all such information is made available. Everything's there. Just browse.

Government offices information:

Other than any commercial information, one can also look up for Kakinada Government offices information in InKakinada. Government offices in Kakinada include Party offices in Kakinada – Loksatha, communist, praja rajyam, congress and so on. Statutory Authorities of Kakinada including Collectorate, Post office of Kakinada, Health office, RTO office and many more are made available with their images, updated contact numbers, address, related listings and much more useful data.

Kakinada Services:

Services in Kakinada are highly pioneer offerings including the major Automobiles, Finance, Insurance, Electronics / Electrical, Industries – Software, Oil, Refineries, Chemical, Fertilizer; Shopping centers at Kakinada, Beauty care with parlors, gym and fitness camps are made available here with a dramatic information ranges.

Automobile services in Kakinada:

If you are looking out for perfect address and details to buy a vehicle – two, three or four wheelers then the best stop is InKakinada Automobile service category. Wide depth information of all showrooms, shops, service centers and the Financing companies in Kakinada offering finance for you to buy a vehicle is provided here. If you are new to riding a car and wanted to learn it, there's a list of Kakinada Driving Schools, which offer an excellent training to the people in a very less time.

Kakinada Electrical and Electronics:

To know information on Electrical goods and Electronic goods shops, service facilities and the best deals, check out inKakianda's Electricals and Electronics Kakinada category. Looking for a computer to buy or any electrical goods like tube light, fans, show lights, all electrical accessories information is provided in the related categories as a list of shops that are offering. If you like Music and looking out for Kakinada Music Shops then InKakinada is the ultimate one for you.

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Here's that gorgeous and well-organized Categories page in inKakinada:categories

Arts and Galleries:

Do you like Arts and the extreme handy crafts? Yes, then see Kakinada art shops, galleries are the place for you to buy and explore the beauty. Here, you can check out the address, handicrafts available and just have the beautiful art at your home and office.

Health and Fitness care in Kakinada:

Kakinada is well versed with specialized hospitals, fitness centers and beauty cares for men and women. Hospitals in Kakinada are well known for their specialization with world-class facilities and super specialist doctors being available in the main localities, For fitness and beauty care there are several gym centers, beauty parlors in Kakinada, saloons with highly equipped and professional services giving out a greater structure and beauty to the Kakinada people.

Industries in Kakinada:

Kakinada industries are the ongoing leading industries in the state today. With the existing Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (NFCL), Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd., and the newly emerged Reliance Industries Limited, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC), Software companies including Nyros Technologies, Infotech Enterprises Ltd., Trewport Techno Consulting Pvt. Ltd. and many such lead to the new look and vision of Kakinada. There is more and you can easily use to know. InKakinada is highly updated website exclusively for Kakinada and it uncovers people needs of information by several means.

Freelancers in Kakinada

For all our basic needs at home or work place we often look for the Freelancers who can make our work easily. But other than one is aware of the place, they couldn't know how to contact these freelancers like Electricians in Kakinada, Plumbers, Kakinada Carpenters, Auditors, Drivers, , Hardware and many such. You can get the clear information of all such at inkakinada with complete details including phone, address and so on. If you look for the same in Google, inkakinada is in on the top of results and believe it is the only one which provides such in-depth information for Kakinada people. inkakinada

Now, do you agree, InKakinada – An Alternative of Google for Kakinada Port City? Yes then if you wanna search for any information in and about Kakinada, the simplest and direct means is unquestionably

Have fun time playing around InKakinada!!

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