The Government General Hospital


Hey, we’ve mentioned "The" because it’s apparent. Kakinada or any other place would be facilitated with only one Government Hospice entitled as the GGH!! So, this is the ONE great place of aid that our Government has put up for the public to look at when they need a physical or a mental healing! conducted a poll about the GGH on a target to analyze how far these non-profitable (as they are called) centers of aid are turning out as a source of benefit to public and thanks to the collective public response, here’s the abstract!


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Human Health


It is health that is real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver.

~ Mohandas Gandhi


Nor love, not honor, wealth nor power can give a human heart a cheerful hour when health is lost. With a bad health all the taste of pleasure flies. Only when one is free from physical aches and mental distractions, the ingress to spirit will be open and as we all know, there goes a saying, "Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other!" That’s the reason we strive for a perfect health in specifics to our body, mind and spirit all the time.


Alas! A body without a disease is something rare in these Smoky & Non-Green times! There is something fundamentally, radically unhealthy with all of us and we all undergo ailments; fall sick and go in search of good health at some point of time during our survival and that’s life.



Thus forth, Health being the most frequent hindrance of human life, irrefutably, people consider hospital as a wall between death and existence and doctors next to Gods.



Hospital doctor

A Hospital & the Doctor



Doctors are worshipped and valued everywhere just because: To God he answers for decisions Based on knowledge and considerations!


Let’s see a doctor in the making:

  • Primary Education: 10yrs of School Education
  • Higher Secondary Education: 12th Standard with Sciences as Main Course
  • M.B.B.S - Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery: 5.6 yrs Course Or
  • Dentistry - Bachelor Degree in Dental Surgery (B.D.S): 4yrs Course
  • Apart from these minimal Educational qualifications and passion towards Science, the Desirable Attitude & Personality Traits of a doctor or reversibly called ’ethics of medicine’ are showing compassion, consideration, benevolence for their patients.
  • Career options for a MBBS graduate:
    • Own Private General Practice (GP) which demands 24hrs total patient care.
    • Houseman Posts/ Medical Officers at Primary Health Centers (PHC) and Rural Hospitals (RH) in villages or General Hospitals in cities.




We can just read these fast in few short lines but uff!!! imagine the groundwork, long time periods and self-efforts required to become a professed doctor. Hats off to every single successful doctor who have disciplined through the tough course and still constantly learning to excel with the worldly diseases increasing invariably! This is why "We all show respect towards a doctor more than any other Professional"



The Doctor Produced:

True with Skills they come into the world,
Care and Faith they build in people,
Forced they are to pierce the people!


World has both the good and bad sides but unfortunately bad is always persuasive. And doctors are also normal humans who are not an exemption to this theory. The World has become so money targeted, intolerant and our lives and surroundings are being literally shaped to fit it. This is a real curse to humankind since doctors when start habituating worldly indulgence, we have no choice but to face it might it be false or true.


Thus, we are into conclusions like:

Better to hunt in fields, for health unsought,
than fee the doctor for a nauseous draught,
the wise, for cure, on exercise depend;
God never made his work for man to mend.
~John Dryden



This is the real belief strongly instituted in public minds on hospitals and doctors! Whether it might be Private or Government, the hospitals are now so expensive that when you’re brought in, they interview you to see which ailment you can afford to have. If you plan to finance your forthcoming heart attack, it’s absolutely necessary that you work ten hours a day, seven days a week. You might have a laugh at it but this is the real scenario prevailing the world or specifically India!


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The GGH & the Public


The GGH is a home of healthcare arranged by our Government primarily intended for a common man unlike the rich who enjoys the service excellence wherever they opt to. Is GGH being reachable and making the intended sector comfortable to enjoy its services? Well, 90% of us knew the answer and now, let’s share and plead it to the authorities for a change.


Here is a Short Analysis of GGH basing on the response posted by people in the Poll conducted by


Let’s list out why people are not looking at GGH or reluctant to use its services in the order of societal hierarchy:


The Upper Class:


Generally, upper class is referred to as the rich and is the ones who have great influence and wealth. Why upper class says NO to GGH?

  • Unhygienic Environment in terms of place and people
  • Long waiting queues to meet the shift-doctors
  • Poor Infrastructure
  • Lack of modern health equipment
  • Doctors Invitation to their Personal Clinics
  • Fear of Internal Politics and replica medicines that might adversely effect their health



The Middle Class:


The middle class fall between the working class and the upper class those are good-educated and hold a professional post. Why Middle Class says NO to GGH?

  • Unhygienic Environment in terms of place and people
  • Long waiting queues to meet the shift-doctors
  • Lack of modern health equipment
  • Doctors Invitation to their Personal Clinics
  • Irresponsible Treatment & Poor Service
  • Unavailability of doctors at high times
  • Fear of Internal Politics and replica medicines that might
    adversely effect their health
  • Lack of knowledge of available services & Doctors Profiles

The Working Class:


The working class is also termed as the lower class or the laboring class who is unemployed or has lower incomes and work on daily wages. Why the lower class for whom the GGH has come into existence says NO to GGH forcibly and sweating hard to toil and pay the private care homes for their healthcare?

  • Careless Attitude of Doctors and Staff
  • Irresponsible and ill-Treatment physically & mentally
  • Corruption from ground level
  • Unhygienic premises
  • Lack of knowledge of available services
  • Attracted towards New Modernized Health Equipment available in Private Clinics which are not available in GGH centers
  • Lack of Moral Support, Compassion and Care
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Synopsis in Chart View:

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Grassroots Change - An Appeal


People are looking for a bottom change in the level of administration of Government Services. Here are appeals for the State Government from the people who are desperately waiting for a good state of service largely in the health area since it drives them or anyone else.

  • Educate people about the Doctors Specialization and Departments available in GGH
  • Maintain Cleanliness for the good of the patients, people escorting them and the Environment
  • Train Staff Nurses in the sector of hospitality for which they are into this profession
  • Establish Modernized Health Units
  • Introduce Doctor Appointments & Prioritize Timely Schedules basing on the case urgency
  • Medical Officer Regular Visits would prominently stop the internal corruption, politics or medicine duplication
  • Doctors Responsible timely check ups would help build confidence in patients
  • Implant lots of Greenery in the lawn for Reviving and they act as Natural Mood Boosters.
  • Please make the services affordable for all sectors by paying a satisfying salary package to the care-takers so that they might not ask for more.
  • Above all, a soothing hand and a word of kindness will make a person in despair come back to light. Please assure humanity!

InKakinada moved a step forward and approached the esteemed District Collector, Mr. Ravi Chandra to hand-over this public appeal. His response was promising and told he would definitely take time to bring about the change people are looking for.


But, we also want to say:

Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person. ~ Mother Teresa


We hope in very near future GGH of Kakinada or of any other place will stand as a Humble Place of Love!


In Public Interest,

InKakinada Team

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