P.R. Government College

Creating History in Education


Succession List of principal's

P.R. Government College has been leaded by many principals who are well qualified and professional concerning their education, experience, skills and profession. The Success that the college is enjoying today had all these principal's skills and strategies where everyone offered their uniqueness.

Statutory Bodies

P.R.Government College is well established and to look after its operations, it has Governing Body, Academic Council, Board of Studies and other Committees. All have different members associated in organizing and running operations of the College very smoothly and strategically ensuring academic excellence.

S.no Position Name
1. Chairman Sri Somesh Kumar, I.A.S
Commissioner of Collegiate Education,
Govt. Of A.P
2. Industrialist Sri.C.Suryanarayana
M.D, High Tech Industries, Yanam.
3. Professional Sri Badam Sundara Rao
Engineer & Architect
4. Teachers of the College To be nominated by the Principal.
5. UGC Nominee Dr.G.Srinivas
Deputy Secretary UGC - SERO - Hyderabad.
6. State Govt. Nominee (Member) Sri N. Rama Krishnaiah
Regional Joint Director of Collegiate Education,
FAC Govt. Arts College Campus, Rajahmundry.
7. University Nominee (Member) Prof. P.R.Karmarkar
Special Officer A.U.M.S.N.P.G.Centre, Kakinada.
8. Principal of the College (Ex.Officio Member & Secretary) Lt. Dr. M. Satyanarayana

Academic Council

Academic Council has been constituted to function as an academic body, offering suggestions regarding college academic matters.

Composition of the Academic Council for the year 2009-2010

S.no Name Position / Department
1. Lt. Dr. M.Satyanarayana, Principal Chair person
2. All the lecturers-in-chargee of Departments Members
3.Four teachers of the College representing different categories of teaching staff by rotation.
  Dr. P.V.Krishna Rao, Lecturer in Politics Member
  Dr. P. Sukumar, Lecturer in Commerce Member
  Sri. E.V.S.Subrahmanyam, Lecturer in Chemistry Member
  Dr. S. Imam Kasim, Lecturer in Telugu Member
4.Four experts from outside the college representing different fields as members.
  Sri K.S.N.Krishna, Principal, Govt. Degree College, Mandapeta, Collegiate Service Education
  Dr. R.V.Raman Rao Kusuma Nursing Home, Kakinada. Medicine
  Sri. K. Pratap Kumar, Advocate, Kakinada Law
  Sri G.Ch. Satyanarayana, Architech, Kakinada Engineering
  Sri G.V.V.Satya Murthy, M/s Satya Graphic Printers, Kakinada Commerce
5. Nominees of the University:
a) Prof. P. Rajendra Prasad, Principal, College of Science and technology, Andhra University.
b) Prof. K. Sree Rama Murthy, Department of Economics, Andhra University.
c) Prof. E. Nagabhushana Rao, Dept. of. Economics, Andhra University.
6. Faculty members nominated by the Principal
a) Sri. C.S.R. Prasad, Lecturer in English, Controller of Examination.
b) Sri. M.M. Pacha, Lecturer in Chemistry, Academic Coordinator.
c) Sri. P. Anil Kumar, Lecturer in Zoology, Asst. Academic Co ordinator.

History of the College:

P.R.Govt. College came into existence as Pithapur Rajah's college in Kakinada. No sooner on its existence it has been well popularized and recognized by Kakinada people and south India as one of the earliest institution to have English Education in the entire south India. As a return respect, the college has also grown enormously given out its better services to the students. It has been developed as middle school (1852) to high school (1866) and later as a college (1926) which itself is a greater achievement in very less time. This vast growth made its high reputation and recognition in the government in the year 1952 by being recognized as a Government college. The actual point where a great transfer of its name Pithapur Rajah's college to P. R.Government College is made on 12-12-1952 from which it is bifurcated in to two colleges namely Junior College and Degree College.

Later, P.R. Government College has been officially recognized by the UGC and Government of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2000. It has also been awarded by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) as B++ grade in the year 2004. These two recognitions made its existence much stronger and dependable institution through out Kakinada and south India.
The National Policy on Education in 1986 and 1992 has strongly underlined the need for conferring the status of autonomy on affiliated colleges. The autonomous status was conferred on this College by the UGC, with the concurrence of Andhra University and approval of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Thus the College has become autonomous, with effect from the academic year 2000-2001 and hence forth this premier institution has come to be known as P.R.Government College (Autonomous), Kakinada.

Aims and ObjectivesOur Motto is: Enter - Endeavour - Excel.

P.R.Government College runs on the basis of set standard aims and objectives to achieve through its service.Its motto "Enter-Endeavour- Excel" itself says the whole story by which it drives its process. They aim at endeavoring students who enter with a great dream of education in to excel and masters of the education in their own professions.


Succession List of principal's : P.R. Government College has been leaded by many principals who are well qualified.

Statutory Bodies : P.R.Government College is well established and to look after its operations.

Academic council : Academic Council has been constituted to function as an academic body, offering suggestions regarding college academic matters.

To server the higher educational needs of the society by promoting employment related knowledge, skills, building capabilities, competencies and confidence among the students.

Making myriad generations of cultured, committed, educated and vibrant youth, geared towards nation building.

Strive to bring ensured quality and raise to global standards in education.

Make the institution a "Centre of Excellence" and maintain it as a site of tremendous intellectual activity.

To mould the students into personally mature, professionally equipped, service oriented to become assets to the community and nation.

To create congenial atmosphere for value based education for empowering every student to enter larger society to take up all round responsibilities.

To pursue truth fearlessly and build up in its teachers and students, habits of independent thinking and a spirit of inquiry unfettered by the limitations and prejudices of the near and the immediate which is so essential for the development of a free society.

Students are encouraged to participate in creative arts, writing, short stores, poetry criticism etc by stimulating their creative energies by arranging interfaces, discussions, guest/extension Lectures are but a few in this direction.

Thus, these aims and objectives are not just the words but are the real strategic oriented process to achieve success throughout its existence.


College Highlights:

Founded in 1884, the College is one of the premier institutions in South India.

Centrally located in the heart of Kakinada City.

Sprawling campus with 35.6 acres.

Autonomous and Co-educational with good academic programmes.

Separate class rooms for various courses.

Laboratories with all basic amenities.

NCC and other Co-curricular activities with high achievements.

Dual degree system offered as per UGC norms(Career Oriented Prgrammes).

Government scholarships for all eligible students.

BREAD Scholarships for meritorious and disadvantaged groups.

Semester system with grading pattern and extra credits for high achievers.

Internal Assessment component as a part of CIA.

Socially relevant and need based syllabus in all subjects.

Value based and community oriented education as part of curriculum.

Field Trips, Educational Tours and hands on training for students in subject areas.

Teacher counseling system for each class.

LCD for Seminar presentations and quiz programmes.

Practicing yoga, karate, classical music, dance and cultural events.

Emphasis on Communications skills, computer education, personality development, logical and numerical skills.

Career guidance and placement cell.

Jawahar Knowledge Centre(JKC).

The College offers PG Courses - M.Sc (Computers), M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) and M.Sc (Bio-Technology) from this academic
year. Admission criteria - AUCET.

Gallery of P.R College


Board of Studies : A Board of studies has been constituted for each Department. The Board recommends, the syllabi, pattern of examination and assessment and other items related to curriculum.

Vision and Mission :

Vision :To achieve economic and social equity with excellence for all men and women through advancement and application of relevant knowledge.

Mission :To sensitize our young students to their rights and place in society and through them strengthen the nation to help usher in an egalitarian society.

Courses of Study :

There are many courses offered by this college including Regular and Short term courses.

Degree Regular (conventional and restructured).
Need based and short term courses.
Certificate / Diploma/ Advanced Diploma Courses in Career Oriented Programmes and PG courses.

General Facilities @ College

Library, Sports facilities, Girls waiting room, Boys dining hall, Health center, Co-operative stores, Leisure time facilities center, Computer education, Grievance Redressal cell, Placement cell, Mana TV, Communication skills laboratory, Museum / Institutional achieves, Botanical gardens and other educational enrichment programmes.

Functions focusing on

Prepare syllabi for various courses keeping in view of the objectives of the college, interest stakeholders and national requirement for consideration and approval of the Academic Council.

Suggest panel of names to the Academic Council for appointment of examiners.

Suggest introducing new courses of study & recommending the details of internal Assessment.

Coordinate research, teaching, extension and other academic activities of the department / college.


Lecturer incharge of the Department concerned (Chairman).

The entire faculty of each specialization.

One expert to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor from a panel of six recommended by the College Principal.

One representative from Industry/Corporate sector/Allied area relating to placement.

Finance Committee:  
Lt. Dr. M. Satyanarayana,
Sri T.T.Vijaya Prasad
Lecturer, Dept. of Commerce
Ms. L. Seshu Kumari
Former Deputy General Manager,N.F.C.L., Kakinada.

One post graduate meritorious aluminous to be nominated by the Principal. The Chairman, Board of Studies, may, Co-opt with the approval of the Principal of the College.
a) Experts from outside the college whenever special courses of studies are to be formulated.
b) Other members of staff of the same faculty (inservice teachers).


C.P.D.C: College planning and Development Council will work for the development of the college. They take active part in offering suggestions regarding college development activities and academic matters.

Examination Cell: The teaching staff has been nominated to act as members of the Examinations Cell.

Jawahar Knowledge Centre :

Jawahar Knowledge Centre (JKC) is a unique capacity building, enhancing employment which is an initiative of Government of Andhra Pradesh. Inaugurated during April 2007, JKC with in no time has proved to be successful with the tremendous placements nearly 275 in IT giants and MNCs like- SATYAM, WIPRO, TCS, Cognizant, and Infosys etc. JKC success followed a path of ensuring enriched education, development programs for the students including interview strategies, interpersonal skills and personality development with 52 computer systems and comprehensive self-learning software packages focused on increasing communication and soft skills, computer and technical skills of the students to match them with the raising competition in the world. "Professional Aptitude Council Exam (PAC)" is a standardized aptitude test for which JKC trains students specially helping them to qualify the interviews on global basis. A record number of 61 students of our Centre got selected in the special state wide recruitment drive of Infosys Project Genesis (IPG) during Jan/Feb 2008.

Extra Curriculum Activities :

P. R. Government College has a keen development not only in education but also sports and other curriculum activities enriching students growth in various fields and domains.

National Cadet Corps (NCC) : The College has three wings (Army, Navy & Airforce) under the charge of Capt. M. Sreeramulu, Sub.Lt.N.L.V.R.K.Prasad, Lec.Dept.of Physics & Ch.Ramakrishna caretaker respectively. All eligible and willing boy students of this college can enroll themselves for NCC training. Details may be obtained from the concerned officers.

National Service Scheme (NSS) : All the students of Degree Classes are eligible to join the National Service Scheme as volunteers. The faculty incharges of NSS units are 1. Sri.P.Satyanarayana, L/Botany, Unit I 2. Dr.P.V.Krishna Rao, L/Politics unit II, 3. Sri K.Anand, L/Chemistry, unit III, 4. Dr. P.Sukumar, L/Commerce, unit IV & 5. Sri K.S.N.Murthy, L/Commerce unit V.

Youth Red Cross (AP) : Under the charge of Sri.K.Narasimha Rao, Lecturer in Politics, it will function on fundamental principles of the International Red Cross movement.

Eco Club : The aim of Eco Club is to promote environment. The aims and fundamentals of this club is: Promotion of health and hygiene, Service to others, World friendliness, Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality.

Physical Education : The College has a Physical Education department for promotion of sports and games in the college. The department imparts training to students to participate and compete in various games and sports at different levels. The Multi Gym facility is established in this campus.

Research Activity :

With a view to encourage faculty members and students towards research, a Research committee has been constituted. Sri PVS Machiraju, L/Chemistry is nominated as convener. A central instrumentation centre has established with necessary facilities. The Research Centre will provide facilities to both faculty and students to carry out their Research programmes in the college campus.

UGC sponsored Minor research projects were sanctioned to faculty members of various departments and the research work is in progress. During 2008-2009, an amount of 52,400/- was sanctioned for 19 student oriented Research Projects.

Scholarships :

A good number of scholarships are awarded to the students every year. In order that no brilliant student is prevented on grounds of poverty from pursuing his academic career the following schemes of scholarships for the award of merit scholarships were started by the Govt. Of India and State Govt. in 1961-62 and they have been continued ever since.

a) Scholarships sanctioned by Social / Tribal Welfare departments : The students belonging to Schedule Caste, Scheduled Tribes and listed backward classes are granted scholarships by Social Welfare and Tribal Welfare Departments. The fees due from these students are reimbursed to the colleges and the students who are staying away from their homes are also sanctioned mess charges.

b) Scholarships sanctioned by Director of Collegiate Education : In order to encourage meritorious students and to ensure that poor and deserving students continue their studies despite their poor financial back ground, the Govt. have sanctioned a number of scholarships. The award of these scholarships is based on merit of the students and the financial status of the parents. Income limits Rs. 18,000/-P.A.

c) Merit Scholarships : There are scholarships based on merit of the students. They are

  • State Merit Scholarships (Pratibha).
  • National Merit Scholarships.
  • General Merit Scholarships.
  • Telugu Vignana Parithoshikham. Income Limit Rs.12,000/- P.A

d) Other Scholarships :

  • Economically poor persons scholarships
    • Income Limit Rs.6,000/-P.A
    • Hostler - Rs. 185/- P.M.
    • Day Scholar Rs.120/- P.M.
  • Scholarships for the children of Primary and Secondary Teachers.
  • Scholarships for the children of Govt. Servants who died while in service.
  • Scholarships for the children and grand children of Political Sufferers.
  • Scholarships for the children of Non-Hindi speaking states for post metric studies in Hindi. Rs.50/-PM.
  • Scholarships for physically handicapped students - Rs. 1250/- P.M

Note: Scholarships will be disbursed to the students who fulfill 75% attendance, through account Payee Cheque.


IGNOU Information : The College as a partner Institution of IGNOU has started the following courses from the Academic year 2008-2009, Sri T.T.Vijaya Prasad, Lecturer in Commerce is kept in charge of IGNOU convergence scheme.

Courses offered :

  • MBA. Admission on the basis of Entrance Test. Bachelors Degree holders are eligible to apply for this course. Open MAT / ICET - Qualified.
  • Open MAT : Any degree with 50% marks.
  • Diploma in tourism studies. (10+2 or Intermediate Students are eligible).
  • Certificate course in Business skills. (10+2 or Intermediate Students are eligible).
  • CPLT: Certificate programme in Laboratory Techniques. (Intermediate with science group eligible).
  • CFE: Certificate in Function English (Intermediate eligible).

Unique features of IGNOU programme are :

  1. a) Modular Programmes based on credit system.
  2. b) Multi-lingual and multiple media Instructional packages.
  3. c) Use of latest information and communication technologies.
  4. d) An effective and integrated student support services network.
  5. e) Rigorous course development mechanism to ensure quality.


Visitors Say :

  • Delight to note the many incredible academic standards maintained excellently
    G.N.Rao, Commissioner of Collegiate Education.
  • I am proud to be an old student of this College. I feel sorry for the conditions of the building and I will try my best to improve the campus.
    Mootha Gopalakrishna, MLA, Kakinada.
  • The history and past recruitment results are fantastic. A humble salute to all the mentors, professors and teachers. All the best. God bless.
    Ashish Mittal , Infosys BPO Ltd, Bangalore.
  • Wonderful experience of meeting, particularly the faculty of the college.
    Ahmed Kamal, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad.
  • Encouraging interaction with students, Thanks.
    Lt. Col. V.P.Singh Commanding Officer, 18(A) Bn, NCC
  • The unique learning ambience of this college should produce world class personalities with inspiring leadership. A college of this sort should inculcate the ability to realize their potential and excel wherever they go.
    Prof. Prasad Reddy P.V.G.D. Registrar - Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.
  • Colleges are judged by the character of the students that colleges send out. Besides academic excellence, the type of citizen is prime.
    C. Ramaiah.
  • The tradion of "Good learning" continues at P.R.Govt.College. This is a big inspiration and example to other colleges. This is a big inspiration and example to other colleges to emulate. I congratulate the Principal, faculty, all the other staff and most importantly students for this "etching memory" of my visit.
    Dr. T.G.K.Murthy Head - crop Improvement, CTRI, Rajahmundry
  • National science day exhibition in an excellent team work. I hope it is a god beginning and it should continue t motivate young talent to the innovations. I wish to conveying all good wishes to the Principal and his collegues for the work they have exhibited.
    Dr. Y.V.Swamy Scientist, IICT, Hyderabad.
  • It is a great pleasure visiting my Alma matter. The college has taken a widely developed ambience with vast greenery an new buildings with large number of departments. The various activies being held under the able leadership of the Principal Dr. M. Satyanarayana is a treat to watch. I wish the college al the best and achieve further heights.
    H.Maitesh, Assistant General Manager State Bank of India (Credit Cell), Kakinada.
  • The Nation's future is decided by the quality of learning provided by the educational institution. Good facilities, good growth, good image.
    M. Nagi Reddy, General Manager (HR) Reliance Industries Ltd, Kakinada.
  • The college has an important heritage. It is autonomous as well. With some efforts, it can show outstanding results and contribution to the society. I wish all the best.
    Somesh Kumar IAS - CCE, Hyderabad...

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