Chaotic Road Traffic in Kakinada


Most of you out there knew that InKakinada recently conducted a Poll on Traffic in Kakinada and unsurprisingly and or predictably the survey proved that it is a burning issue and an aching problem for all Kakinadians!!


So, we thought it’s high time to have an eye-opener analysis on this subject and here’s it!



Let’s start off with some known facts of our town:

Kakinada Traffic Definable Numbers
  • 83 Main Areas
  • 2 Flyovers
  • 2 Railway Gates( Kondayapalem and Atchuthapuram Railway Gate )
  • 16 Major Junctions( Banugudi Junction, Two Town Center, Masjid Center, Sarpavaram Junction, Jagganaikpur Bridge, Nukallama Temple, Balacheruvu Center, Indrapalem Bridge, Ramaraopet - 3 Lights Junction, Pratap Nagar, Karnamgari Junction, 50 Buildings Center, Cinema Road - Santa Cheruvu, Munsubgari Junction, Kalpana Theater Junction, Turangi.)
  • 8 Main Transportation Sources( Walk (Pedestrian), Bicycle, Car, Van, Bike, Auto Rickshaw, Cycle Rickshaw, Lorry, Bus.)
  • 3 Stages of Rush Hours( Morning 7am to 10am, Afternoon 12pm to 2pm, Evening 5pm to 9pm. )
  • 4 Major Entertainment Sources ( Shopping, Amusement Parks, Cinema, Beach Shore. )

Well, these are Kakinada’s Traffic Numbers that describes the traffic levels and administration!!


Our Traffic System

Traffic on roads generally consists of pedestrians, vehicles & drivers, abandoned or ridden animals and other conveyances. Kakinada is no exceptional. We have them all on roads!!

People − Our Role

For organizing this traffic on roads, our Indian Government framed few sensible Rules. Let’s give it a thought amongst who in the traffic should follow these?

’Vehicles’ are lifeless man-made objects and hence NO RULES for VEHICLES!
’Animals’ are innocent God-made sentient beings with no intelligence and hence NO RULES for ANIMALS!
Finally ’human beings’! Humans have a highly developed brain and possess qualities such as self-awareness, consciousness, and the ability to perceive the relationship between oneself and one’s environment. So, Yes! RULES are for HUMAN and it is road user’s minimum social responsibility to pursue these general practices and procedures that are required to follow.

The way you behave on road tells what your persona is!!


Yes, a person who has that social consciousness sting is said to think and consider OTHERS COMFORT FIRST and ONLY THEN, ABOUT ONESELF!!


Your responsibility towards traffic control purely depicts your nature and moral fiber. Here are 10 qualities that can be seen from how you react and play your role in traffic management:

  • 1. Self Awareness
  • 2. Responsibility towards Society
  • 3. Dignity
  • 4. Compassion
  • 5. Unselfishness
  • 6. Smartness
  • 7. Kindness
  • 8. Watchfulness
  • 9. Temperament
  • 10. Finally, Humanity!!

Kakinadians are great people and famous for serene attitude and nature of respect!! But, do we show it all as a part of traffic management? Absolutely ’No’ and this is why our traffic has become so messy and unbearable.


It is high time for us to revise our rules and here are few:

  • Left hand side driving
  • Priority to traffic on your right
  • Looking before you turn
  • Slowing down at intersections, pedestrian crossings, school zones and other prime areas
  • Shaping a Speed Limit as per the Conditions
  • Keeping optimal distances between vehicles
  • Licensed Driving
  • Bikers and Cyclists Wearing Helmet which do not obstruct vision and hearing
  • Wearing Seat Belts for front seaters in Cars
  • Following Traffic Signals
  • Pedestrians following Crossings
  • Parking at permitted or places that doesn’t cause inconvenience for public
  • Being patient at Railway Crossings not creating trouble for others
  • Red-light Jumping
  • Zigzag Driving
  • Wrong Parking
  • Excess Speed
  • Swift and Careless driving by bus, truck, auto rickshaw, private taxi drivers
  • Unnecessary Honking
  • Crossing Yellow Lines
  • Overtaking

Try sticking to these rules or rather goodies from this moment and it might be of help to YOU personally and OUR Kakinada one day!

Road and Buildings

Kakinada roads were good and sufficient in the past years. But in the recent time, the increasing population made them inadequate. Streets still with the same width could not accommodate the increasing population and luxury in Kakinada. Recent establishments of Industries like Reliance and other Shipping companies has bought along with them good employment and on the other side more residents into Kakinada town. The prime areas of suffering are Main Road and the region behind the old Jagannaickpur Bridge.


Furthermore, Kakinada has also lots of emerging shopping complexes and offices in the name of development. But, does every shop owner think of its customer’s parking space? How many shopping complexes in Kakinada have parking lots? How many of the owners take time to understand the constraints on the budget and impacts? Do you realize it is one of the primary reasons for traffic hazard?


Well! We are facing the trouble and so let’s deal with them too even before Government has a solution. Our role is to:

  • 1. Be a responsible citizen and to stop visiting shopping complexes or such establishments who do not provide adequate parking area. Thus not encouraging selfish property owners and the bribed Government Officials who permit such facilities
  • 2. Walk consciously
  • 3. Park vehicles inline
  • 4. Report about illegal street hawkers performing platform businesses to the authority
  • 5. Follow traffic rules and stand as an inspiration to others
Appeal for Government − People respect you, please take care!

Organized traffic generally has well−established priorities, marked lanes, right-of-way, traffic signals & signs and traffic control at intersections. We believe, all of them are followed in Kakinada. We love our town and here are few requests and recommendations for the respectable Government:


  • 1. Kakinada city needs revamping at few prime places. Please widen the roads to accommodate the dense population and vehicles.
  • 2. Remove street animals that cause inconvenience for traffic.
  • 3. Arrange and Maintain Sign boards, Zebra Crossings and Yellow & White lines.
  • 4. Train RTC drivers not to stop in the middle of the road for tickets. Provide good bus stops.
  • 5. Provide a unique number on the backside of Autos as a unique ID that will help public to complain police if he drives zigzag and create inconvenience to traffic.
  • 6. Plan a Traffic alert system so that people can intimate Traffic control when there is a jamming or an emergency road mishap.
  • 7. Please encourage sustainable transport modes like bicycle, walk, cycle rickshaws rather than automobiles like cars, bikes, auto rickshaws which are reason for increased demand of gasoline, pollution, congestion and accidents.
  • 8. Provide adequate footpaths or sidewalks for every street that are good in safety, comfort and usability for people to have a happy walk, good amounts of defined road space for sustainable vehicular and suitable positions for street hawkers. This would help enormously in removing congestion problem.
  • 9. Observe traffic at peak hours for analyzing traffic congestion and ideal hours for identifying land use and transportation issues.
  • 10. Please develop solutions with the objective of moving more people rather than more vehicles.
Our Prestige − After all, it is ’Our Kakinada’ − Mana Ooru!!

Traffic ni chusi roju tittukovadam manaki alavatu, government ni nidhimchadam kuda manaki alavatu, kaani traffic ni create chesedhi maname, asalu problem manalone undhemo anna vishayam okasari alochidham. Government oka system ni marchalante chaala nibhandhanalu, pranaalikalu untayi, dhaaniki entho samayam paduthudhi, manam ardham chesukuni, mana chethulo yemundo alochidham, manamem cheygalamo alochidham.


Kakinada, mana ooru, manakentho eshtamaina pradhesam. Don’t you feel bad if someone thinks horrific about you? If you take your hometown personally and have that possessive feeling for Kakinada in all aspects, then this issue might not be in existence today. Unquestionably, Traffic passes the message of how well−mannered we Kakinadians are to the outside world! Treating co−drivers and pedestrians on roads as your guests will invariably help to make our Kakinada’s traffic systematic and worth-praising.


It is a small hope and attempt to make our Kakinada people understand what WE CAN DO in making our traffic system BEAUTIFUL!


We have something else to share with you. Our Superintendent of Police (SP) recently organized an event called ’Traffic Workshop 2010’ and gave InKakinada a great opportunity to participate in the workshop.


Traffic Workshop 2010:



Guests of honor are the SP − Mr.G.Srinivas, SP (Admin)− Mr. N. Jannarthan, DSP − Mr. Achutharao, RDO − Mr. Kishore Kumar and the Municipal Commissioner. Participants include Traffic Enforcement, CI, Nyros Technologies CEO and the creator of InKakinada website Mr. Pavan Kumar Mangalampalli.



Mr. Pavan presented a Power Point Presentation (ppt) on ’Traffic in Kakinada’ which includes the traffic issues as well as all the user recommendations posted by the public in the recent Traffic Poll conducted in the InKakinada website. The SP and the other dignitaries were full of praise for InKakinada team and its user’s efforts in gathering such a valuable data on this burning issue. The best part is that the SP declared ’Nyros Technologies − InKakinada’ as the foremost source for all the Traffic related issues, recommendations and intelligent solutions in Kakinada.


InKakinada team is more than happy to do service to Kakinadians in any form and personally thank each one of you who contributed their part in making this event a success!!



Our Kakinada is renowned as ’Paradise for the Retired’. We believe Traffic plays a major role in keeping up the name as it propagates serenity and humbleness of Kakinada people and its authority to the outside world. Let’s make it a goal to build Kakinada as an inspiration icon for other places in India as one of the cleanest, safest place and having most disciplined traffic in the country.


Happy and safe traveling for all Kakinadians, love you all!!


In Public Interest,

InKakinada Team. Top

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