The Rally ‘Know Traffic – No Traffic’


The Traffic Rally ’Know Traffic – No Traffic’ remains the most prestigious Walk for Kakinada.


Rallies won’t win alone! It’s a community that makes it possible! The community is our Kakinada – The ’Kakinada’ made it win and let’s shout it to the World...We won and here’s how!




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The Idea


It started like this...Nyros conducted a POLL nonchalantly in website and believe it; the response was huge, very huge.


Nyros said:

It is then we actually realized, “TRAFFIC” is no more a one-man or let’s say one−human problem. It is back of all of us making our lives miserable, literally!!


Immediately, we met the Power, our Police! They were amazing human beings with lots of (o)ur issues already on their note. The only thing left out for us is to mention the problem name ’The Growing Traffic’ in Kakinada. Unsurprisingly they agreed with us that Traffic is one the most painful public issues and welcomed our suggestions.


The meeting with The Police ended up with a plan to conduct a ’Traffic Workshop’ under the supervision of the District SP where all the Traffic Police, Implementation Authorities, Normal Audience and Press are expected attendees. We had to do a real quick presentation which can convey all our opinions and recommendations and we chose Power Point Presentation as the media. We enclosed the PPT with useful bunch of people opinions from Poll, current traffic scenario with clear picture representation and detailed suggestions on controlling it. Our CEO presented it to all attendees on the day of Workshop and all was positive!


As you all know the workshop went good and to those who don’t know can learn about it by clicking here.


We were even more responsible after the workshop since the SP said government will be open to any technical solutions from Nyros. It actually stimulated us to think over more on public issues.


The day ended but not the issue. It is still there, THE TRAFFIC!


So, we had a meet in our office the very next day. Most of us are on an opinion, it is WE (people) who should change to bring the control over traffic at the least to 80%.


The most protesting Indian trendy method of conveying a good cause is addressing a RALLY, we all thought!!


Immediately, we met the concerned authorities for a prior permission for the march and the Police said they always are positive for anything that motivates public and hence join the Rally to make it a more success!


It encouraged us and our plan was a Rally with not just a walk but also distributing pamphlets as we walk to the public and educating them orally.


We had to agree the social instinct gives endless energy. Energy to reach the public and receiving happiness through educating them through the big Rally!! From the inception of its thought, we just want the grassroots change to happen!



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The Big Day


September 25th 2010 − The day of the Rally!


The whole Kakinada Police were there to join the March. All were in time, sharp at 8am proving Indians do have discipline!


The honorable SP − Admin, Mr.Jannardhan inaugurated the Rally gathering of approximately 150 people, by moving the Flag.



Rally participants include Nyros Staff, Police and the Public.


Full of Energy, the beautiful white line went through shouting slogans over Traffic control and they were able to catch the public attention all the way. Nyros said, “we thought ‘White’ would stand us bright and the color itself resemblance our opinion of serenity in whatever we do and yup, White’s our code!”



The Road Map for Walk was made simple as Kakinada is a small place with two main end points. Start point was Sarpavaram Junction and end point was Jagganaickpur Area. According to Nyros, it was the longest walk they ever had in their average 30years of lifebut, it remains the most special since it is for a public cause!


Throughout the walk, all the volunteers distributed pamphlets to almost all the people who crossed the way and finally reached the destination.



Around the Jagannaickpur Street Junction Light Pole, all the Rally participants formed a human circle and ended up the Rally voicing over all the Slogans again!



Nyrosians said, “It was tedious but we were happy, very happy, we tried something to do to our Kakinadians, our place! We’ll be even happier if the change takes place at a snail’s pace, but we sweated for the change to happen.”




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The Conclusion


Each and every Kakinadian, please think one more time over our role in doing Traffic Control. Please, please be aware of all the Traffic Rules and put them into practice where considered necessary. Please, let’s help ourselves by making our home place; the most beautiful land and an inspiration icon to others! Let’s bellow it to World − We are special as we are Kakinadians!!



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